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rhapsodical78's Journal

Hello. My journal is mostly friends only. However, I would like to expand my friendship network to include a more diverse and politically correct range of individuals. I would like: one homosexual, one foreigner, two fatty fatty fat fats and half a disabled. If you fall into any of the aforementioned categories please do not hesitate to leave me a cunningly witty comment and we may become mutual, virtual buddies.

Oh. And I own this community: dogs_australia ...the joining of which is mandatory for all parties adhering to the implied title pre-requisites (and those procured via nepotism).

Further, I now co-maintain the international community dog_lovers, I have started a behaviour/training specific community: animal_training and a new community related to animal studies, aptly named; animal_studies.

Lastly, I am co-moderator over at agnosticism.

What the critics say - A balanced review:

Your dry sense of humour contrasts well with your compassion for all (sic) living creatures. - dorukai . . . The generalisation could be a little broad, but I do like animals.

You own more pets than the zoo. - siedlersfan

Your empathy for others is strong. Your heart to help those in need can leave you vunerable, but you will help even if it means getting hurt or comes at a cost to you. Your compassion for the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze me and if we were all a bit more like you, the world would probably be a better place. - unicorn_29

Must be tough living with yourself, hey? - silverblaidd

Get your fanclub and get out. That's all I need say. - ambersaigh

I like you and the things I've seen you say. - tramissa

I want to kill her. Killlll. - penguinsane

You are extremely articulate with a brilliant sense of humor, which makes for some good laughs over at PSS and the various communities where people loathe you for your ability to outwit them. - minteckers

Naomi is a beast to deal with. - itsyspy70

[She has] a long list of people who would love to see her dead. - penguinsane

Why do I even bother? Go drop dead now. - rottnpagan

I hate that community, and I hate rhapsodical78. - bellasmommy

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: rhapsodical78 is a fucking idiot. - bellasmommy
. . . Do you get the feeling that I may have upset her? :(

No, Rhapsie, no one here is a sock puppet journal-- that many people really do dislike you. - abyss

She's good at arguing and causing a stir... - carrieish

Rhapsodical79(sic) I always remember because she had that mangy looking mongrel dog and had the nerve to tell me I shouldn't post pictures of Woofles because he's "ugly." (and she meant it) - tviokh
. . . who is still hurting.

You keep your dog outside during the day when you're not home?!? Sorry, not acceptable. - momacress

You should so work with animals, you are great with them. - shawawa

I'd love to know who reported you and for what. Send them a nice little gift basket or something. -silverblaidd

I like your hair. It's very wispy and cute. - gummyneko

I admire your intelligence . . . you are just so sarcastic sometimes I want to pee my pants. - the_superstar

You are an absolute moron. - rottnpagan

I think your unsecured journal entries are witty and I would like to read more. I also wanted to say I've always thought the Australian habit of exclusively wearing khaki is a brilliant idea. It must make laundry a breeze. - by_steph

You seem way too cynical to actually do an emo wail. I dare you to record one and post it in your journal :D - dorukai

I am very tempted to say 'shouldn't you be asking for a heart?'... - the_superstar
. . . in response to whether or not she'd give me a kidney.

Nice attempt at diplomacy and I am glad you can look past the fact I am a sydney sider. - the_superstar

You definitely lack in the tact department; although, I'm not surprised. - kychilehead

I would even trust you to sell our house!! - shazzy1 . . . my mother shows a glint of confidence in my real estate negotiation skills.

What is Sigur Ros? - seidlersfan . . . Rachel speaks words of HAET.

What is the education like over there these days? It brings a tear to my little fanciful heart. - silverblaidd

I do prefer my trolls articulate, so she scores points for that, at least... - lizblackdog

Oh I know, disagreeing with animal abuse and neglect is quite the mental disorder. One of these days I might just snap. - silverblaidd
. . . a muffled cry from a padded cell.

I can't take that person seriously... they're so full of shit it glistens. - allotheist

You're vicious and would probably be safer on my side. - dorukai

Eh, it's from rhapsodical78, she doesn't count. That one is nothing BUT stupid, so it doesn't amaze me one single bit. - penguinsane
. . . I get the feeling she doesn't like me . . .

rhappy is kinda smart(ish). cottonmanifesto

It's a damn shame she doesn't put that intelligence to good use. - penguinsane

Gorgeous, sexy, sassy, satirical chick with loads of brains... A very loyal and devoted person with the hugest amount of compassion... - siedlersfan

You are very creative... in an odd sort of way... - quetzal_pretzel

Stop thinking that life only exists on the internet. My life doesn't at all revolve around the internet - silverblaidd aka: ambersaigh, azraelkismet, razinghell, damnedmalkavian, diobaire, caer_ibormeith, khlovar, misanthropicass, lordblackadder and eternal_sweeper

It's evident that you don't give two shits about America or what pet owners here think, so it's totally disingenuous for you to pretend otherwise. - rhinecat

She's a bitter hag who lays down the hate on dot_pet_snarkers whether or not they're actually being asshats. - itsyspy70
. . . Who appears blissfully unaware of the permanent 'asshat' status of dot_pet_snark members.

Now that is some amusing photography and quoting. You should work for a magazine. - unicorn29

I wish i were more like you, surrounded by idiots and infinitely superior. - andalus
. . . Proving once again, that no one does 'bitter' like an ex.

Oh stop smoking wouldya Nay.. it's getting old. - siedlersfan

A quick introduction to the OP: Naomi enjoys not just stirring but jumping into buckets of shit all over LJ, soaking in then, and is pretty full of it. For more details, check her CV. - camillabloom

...you're one of the only non UK and Irish people I know who has a sense of humour. - jadedgeneration

Anyone so many internet idiots snark at I must come to know and love. - rightsaidred

You also win the captain obvious to everyone "I’m going to get in a pissing match with the community owner because my cyber dick is too small today" also ran award as well. - midnightmadness
. . . who appears, through this curious sentence structure, to be projecting some type of gender confusion.

How about I just call you Cyber Stupid Cunt - does THAT make you happy? - midnightmadness . . .who hopes constant genital allusion is the key to my happiness. If only he knew that eliciting rabid ire is what makes my world go round.

I would contribute a quote, but I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome gerbilsage is. - gerbilsage

I never expected it of her. She seemed so normal. - jadedgeneration

I love you. - xrock_legendx

You know there was a time that I did like her. Thought her posts were kool and witty. - jnlldxn

They weren't witty enough. They weren't snarky enough. They were too bitchy. Basically just not good enough for you. The whole community has to circulate around you. - jnlldxn ... when did perfectionism become so unpopular?

Given the recent events of your friend Alitrocious's behavior, just letting you know that I'm adding this to my profile:

dog_lovers: I was banned
[by] rhapsodical78 because instead of leaving me (and a whole lot of other alidocious hater/REAL dog lovers) alone, she would rather suck up to a fucking breedist, pibble hating cunt/serial pet dumper who thought she didn't own a "pit bull" but who trolled petbulls and hounds_of_hell for advice on her new NOTAPIBBLEPUPPY Bosco, only for the fucking retard to end up wanting to sell the poor thing to a breeder for stud for $1,500. Real winners, there.

But you could always be the first to come to your senses and unban me and we can forget all of this shit ever happened. I wouldn't hold it against you for being ignorant towards the type of person "alidocious" is, and I would continue to treat the mods of dog_lovers civilly as if alidocious/her bullshit never existed.
- theclamsman . . . This is attempted blackmail gold. There is nothing more to be said.

I LOVE your hair! <3 - gummyneko

I think you're at least 70% less evil than rumours would have it. There's still that 30% margin for error though... - smirnoffmule

I'm curious about you and how somebody can be liked and also disliked at the same time. - hearthand
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